Design and manufacturing in Spain. Our experience has led us to design and develop versatile and economic systems without sacrificing aesthetics. Wide range of systems and solutions, which allows us to give the solution appropriate to each risk and every need. Systems adapted to specific risks. Possibility to adapt and/or modify standard systems in a short time. Design of systems on demand, if the standard does not cover the specific or particular risk of installation. Systems tested and certified on authorized organization. The documentation is clear and intuitive. Both installation certificates how calculation notes are designed to be easily understood. Worksheet explanation to understand this technical document as well as complex calculation.
Up to 5 years of guarantee on components to any defect or malfunction of manufacture (also in installation when it has been performed by staff TSW ®), when most of the competition only offers 1 year. The guarantee protects not especially aggressive environments for stainless steel, such as areas of pickling. Guarantee not cover breakdowns by abuse, vandalism, accident or external causes of force majeure or meteorological and geological phenomena. The guarantee will lose its effect if you be carried out repairs or manipulations by unauthorised persons.
After-sales service. We carry out the mandatory periodic reviews of our systems, as well as to review other systems on the market. The having worked with other brands and identify them give us authority to be able to review them.
Insurance ** against declines in our systems. TSW ® is committed to the free replacement of the damaged components of an installation, if a fall occurs in our systems (only the components, are exempt damage caused in the fall, as broken cover, damage to products or stored equipment, etc.).

** See conditions on guarantee sheet.